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    Supreme Roofing & Chimney Inc is here to help you raise the standards on your house with high-quality home improvements. We are based out of Shirley, NY and offer high quality exterior and roofing services throughout Suffolk County and Long Island.
    From being a deck builder to an expert in gutter cleaning, we’re the right handyman for the exterior of your home. We are passionate about helping you get the right roof, chimney, and more to fit your home.
    Call us at (631) 488-8942 to get yourself an exterior specialist today. We work hard with each project to leave you feeling satisfied with the end results.
    With over 25 years of experience under our belts, you can trust in our quality and supreme workmanship for all your renovations. We are available 24 Hours, 7 Days a week.
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Our Services

Roof maintenance
Roofing Repairs

We understand what the weather can be like in the Shirley, NY and Long Island area. Having a strong roof over our homes makes us less anxious about the rain. Our roofing services offer both roofing repairs and installations for that ideal protection. Call (631) 488-8942 so we can come check out what your roof needs. We’ll make sure you feel confident about your roof in any weather to prevent roof leaks.

Chimney mason
Chimney Services

Chimneys add character to homes and give off cozy vibes all around. Our chimney services are catered to helping all our clients produce the perfect environment for their homes. Our work in chimney installations speaks for itself and our clientele can attest to that. Call today for professional work in the Long Island area.

Gutter Cleaning

House exteriors can easily become messy over time with natural weathering. With outdoor exposure, piles of leaves and grime can clog our gutters throughout the seasons. At Supreme Roofing & Chimney Inc, we provide exemplary gutter cleaning services to ensure proper water drainage. With our attention to detail in clearing gutters, you can rest easy knowing that water will safely filter away from your home and keep the integrity of your foundation & roof safe.

Custom patio
Deck Builder

If you want more of a ground-level project and need a deck builder, then Supreme Roofing & Chimney Inc has you covered. Our team specializes from beginning to end in helping you build a beautiful deck. Enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends right in the comfort of your own yard. Call us today at (631) 488-8942 for more information.

Siding service
Siding Installations & Repairs

Secure your home with quality siding from the experts at Supreme Roofing & Chimney Inc. Quality siding installations can help protect your house from heavy weathering and protect its integrity over the years. Siding is particularly useful as investment for functional reasons like energy-efficiency, but can also be a pleasing aesthetic for any home. If you have existing installments that are wearing down, we also offer siding repairs for our clients.

Hero roof


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thank you for the quality and warranty on the best work

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Supreme Roofing & Chimney were timely in doing the repair work and clear about what was needed.

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Professional, polite, and kept me updated on any changes or unforseen issues. Took the time to explain and answer my questions. The Work they completed looks beautifully done.

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